EO Leadership


Meet the people behind the scenes of EO Chennai. Led by some of India’s most innovative
thinkers, the EO Chennai experience is ideated and orchestrated by this dynamic group of people.

Membership & Integration Chair

Krishna Kishore

Responsible for promoting the healthy growth of the organization through the addition of quality members who add value to the chapter.

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Sriya Chari

The visionary for the chapter & an EO ambassador, the president ensures the stability & accountability of the chapter.

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Learning Chair

Ankit Vasa

Responsible for overseeing the creation, planning and execution of quality local learning events for members.

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Co Learning Chair

Aditya Mirza

Plays a key role in the coordination of local learning events.

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Forum Chair

Navneet Raman

Responsible for building vitality and forum health within the chapter.

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Finance & Strategic Alliance Chair

IAS Balamurugan

Responsible for planning and maintaining the chapter’s financial path, as well as securing, developing and managing the chapter’s partnership relations.

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Communication Chair

Piyush Bhandari

Engages the entrepreneurial community by informing members, local media outlets, sponsors and extended EO networks about what is happening within the chapter.

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Mentorship Chair

Kunal Mutha

Creates and supports developmental relationships between Mentors & Mentees.

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MYEO Chair

Arjun Parthsarathy

Drives the development of MyEO programmes at the chapter level, as well as

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